Update Your Details, Opt Out Or Complain

By clicking "(Send)" If you chose to "complain" or "update my details" you consent to be contacted by The Marketing Team Limited for the purposes of the enquiry by SMS, Email and Telephone. Further information to how your information will be used is detailed in the
Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. If you chose to opt out your details will be destroyed within 24 hours.


If You dont want to complain via the form above and you wish to make a complaint via email or post below is how you can do this.

Via email

If you wish to complain via email you can do this by emailing the data protection officer at The Marketing Team Limited on the following email sam@redlibertydata.com if you could put the subject as FAO : Data protection officer (complaint) and then in the email subject if you could provide details of your complaint so we can address the complaint as quickly as possible we would require your  name, contact number & email address so we can identify you on our system. 

We will email you a response to confirm we have received your complaint before processing the complaint

Via Post 

If you wish to complain via post please address it as follows.

FAO: The Data Protection Officer

The Marketing Team Limited

3000 aviator way, Wythenshawe


M22 5TG

Please include in the letter the reason for your complaint along with your name, contact number and email so we can find your record on the system to deal with your complaint.  Also we would like to add make all letters recorded delivery so you have a reference number so you can track your complaint as we can not be held responsible if your letter does not arrive.