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We Are A Stockport Seo Company, Who Specialise in Getting Results For Our Clients With A Simple Approach – To Generate More Enquires For Their Business!

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See How The Leading Stockport SEO Comapny Can Help Generate You More Business!

The Marketing Team understand business and are not just an SEO company, which means we wont rank you for high volume keywords which get no results we will rank you for keywords which will generate you new business & in turn make you profit.

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How We Can Help With Seo?

Limit wastage with our expert knowledge, increase your CTRs.

Maximise your ROI

Manage multiple platforms, including social media.

Dedicated account manager and copy creative.

Limit wastage with our expert knowledge, increase your CTRs.

Adapt Campaigns & Provide New Opportunities

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The Marketing Team A Manchester Seo Company – How We Can Help You?

SEO & How We Can Help

SEO (search engine optimisation) is an art in its self, it's something everybody can do themselves if they chose to learn how to do it. Theirs 2 things you will need to have to learn it and it's 2 things a lot of people rarely have, especially business owners.


Lets start with patience this is something not many people have especially in the ever-changing modern world where every answer you need is the palm of your hand and every service is just a click away, As we know SEO and specialise in it, it makes sense for a company like us to take that stress away from you.

We have learnt the hard way and have spent £000,s of pounds on making mistakes, we have hired the some of the best freelance SEO consultant manchester has to offer and teamed up with our experiences this will ensure you don't face these same problems.

2. Time 

Time is something we all don`t have enough off especially in this day and age trying to shuffle work, social & family life isn't easy, now try do all that with the added stress of learning all the fundamentals, research and implementation that goes into a successful SEO campaign. You just physically cant find the time without one of the other parts of your life being affected wherever that may be work or family time. seo management stockport & seo management manchester is covered.

How We Can Help?

The Marketing Team are a UK Leader in digital marketing with years of experience working in Tier 1 industries where competition for traffic is high and the people you're competing against are hard due to the large budgets they have they can easily bully you off the top spot.

Examples of these industries are finance where you're competing against banks, mis sold pension companies and large financial outfits, now if you can manage to set up a campaign and implement and maintain the positions in these campaigns making our clients a great ROI then imagine the possibilities we can have on more niche business industries.

What we do before the start of any campaign is we provide a free 30 minute consultation most SEO agencies use these for there sale pitch, this is where we differ we will have conducted a full website audit for free and done all our keyword research so we can come back to you with hard results and we will discuss a strategy and how we could implement it with you from website design to SEO Strategy Plan. 

Its in this call that both parties will work out if they want to work with each other all though you may be a paying customer we choose carefully who we work with unlike agencies who have a revolving door of clients who they promise the world to and don't deliver, we only work with clients we believe understand us as a company and the process we work to and have the right budget for there campaign, So we can ensure we deliver the results promised. 

Why Choose The Marketing Team?

The simple answer to this is we can deliver your business new enquires which have been refined to ensure you get conversions, which result in profits rather than you just ranking for irrelevant keywords.

The reason we take this approach is our business understands that 10 visitors to a a website which generates 1 sale is worth a lot more than 1000 visitors to a website with no sales. With the company understanding this principle, all our SEO campaigns will be set up and managed following 1 rule, target keywords which convert. As we all know the saying “cash is king”.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will deal with any queries or questions you may have in relation to your campaign and will also produce monthly reports for you. Each report is made to your level of expertise if you know nothing about SEO we aren’t going to fill a report up with jargon it will read as, X = Y and If your more advanced we will tailor your reporting to match.

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Benefits Of Using The Marketing Team For Your SEO ?

Free Website Creation And Re-Design For All Customers.

Free Management Of Social Media Channels.

Free CRM & API Intergration.

Free Pay Per Click Guidance.

Free Advanced Form Captures Created.

Dedicated account manager and copy creative.

Limit wastage with our expert knowledge, increase your CTRs & conversions.

Help to optimize site for new GDPR Changes.

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