Mis Sold Sipp Claim Project


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The story behind the project.

The project began when we were contacted by an existing client who had invested over £8,000 into Google AdWords but had recvcied very few leads and the leads he had received were highly irrelevant. We understood the company was very good at what they did which was mis sold sipp claims but the issue they had was getting the right leads.

Website design and research stage

We went away and carried out our research on the industry and also audited there a site we came to the conclusion that we would prefer to start from scratch with a fresh domain and website design and so was born missoldpension.org.uk. We began by creating the website and setting up the Google AdWords within a short space of time we were generating leads for him through his website then began the work on the SEO for the keyword SERPS Review . We used competitor research to see what keywords to target alongside what content and links we would need to build his websites domain authority.

Website launch and marketing strategy implementation

After the website was complete and our client was happy to launch the site. Once launched we then turned on our pay per click management manchester services using highly targeted keywords along with dynamic adverts to get the highest click rate as possible leading potential client to our optimized landing pages to guide them through to the next part of the sales funnel.

Then we moved onto local Seo by submitting the website to over 500 directories, setting up google, bing business pages, social media channels and much more to ensure the site was found by people looking in the areas we were targeting, alongside some more broader SEO tactics,  we started to see results in under a month.

Then came to re-marketing as any good salesperson knows its very rare you close a client on the first call and the internet is exactly the same, except we can use display advertising to present to people who have visited the site with a special offer to try and win the business we lost out on.

An overview

The website has been a great success since launching our client has managed to generate leads which convert and help many customers claim back their mis sold pensions, we have now 6 months later got our client where his SEO is performing better than his PPC, so we have begun to wind down his pay per click campaign.

He ranks for some of the main keywords in his industry.

Logo Creation & Website Design

We had to find a logo which would be relevant to the domain name which was centred around mis sold pension so what we did was come up with a logo which had to people in diffrent colours which we thought symboled customer and advisor we decided to use blue a natural colour and pink the site colour for the logo colour scheme. check out some other designs we did.

Trail Logo Designs

Mis Sold Pension

Final Logo Design


Website Final Design

Using the plan we had created from all our research we put the website together with one goal to provide informative content which converts. So we decided to go for a simple design of a background image with title tags and button. Followed by a long content explaining what mis sold pensions are and how they work etc, followed by the criteria needed to make a claim, company testimonials and then the company policy on the footer.

Pension 1 Pension2 Pension 3 Pension 4 Pension 5 Pension 6 Pension 7 Pension 8 Pension 9

Pay Per Click Advertising

Here you can see one of the ads in action as you can see when someone in the Manchester area searches for mis sold pension the end result is the site being shown as a paid ad, one clicked around 1 in every 3 click results in an enquiry.



SEO is a mid to long term project so we will be implementing new things into the site, building its authority while watching how each change affects the site's performance to fully optimize it to get the best results for our client for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.



A summary on the project is the site is now live with paid advertising and SEO being implemented, we ran this project on a performance basis and have delivered and in return our client is extremely happy with the work carried out, as I say it has resulted in him being able to grow his business and ensure he has continuous work if your looking for a claims web design company get in touch for a free quote!