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Yes all your leads are 100% exclusive to you and your company.
Yes. We replace leads where the is an invalid, dead or hoax number up to a 15% replacement policy.
We can provide you with as many leads as you require just get in touch to find out more information.

More Info About Our Iva Leads

With the total amount of people struggling with debt in the UK totalling well over 8 million there is a large market for company’s to assist clients with their financial issues.

The average household debt in the UK is standing at a record £13,000 with most people in the UK paying for credit with credit, it is just a matter of time until they can not continue any further and need to reach out for help.

The first place most of these people go for help is by looking for help online whether this is social media, google or online adverts. We provide leads from all these marketing methods and as you can see from the above figures the average person will fit the Individual voluntary arrangement criteria (IVA) with a small proportion of people who fit debt management plan criteria.

Our team of specialists have been working in the debt industry for many years and understand what the best process is for the client and also the company who is looking to help them rid of their financial problems and provide debt advice.

All Our IVA Leads have criteria of over £6,000 worth of debt which is the industry benchmark for IVA Cases we also offer debt management leads where the debt level is below £6,000.

Our IVA & Debt management leads are all generated via social media & Pay Per Click advertising.

Our clients are currently hitting an average of 13% to a paid case and highly recommend our leads.

We have enough capacity to take on new lead buyers.

The positive about of our leads are the clients you speak to are in a position where they are looking for help in regards to their outstanding finances and they are expecting your call.

We ensure we carry out strict due diligence as we only work with trusted partners we believe will provide the client with sound advice whatever the solution is.

To find out more about our iva web leads get in touch on 0161 266 1450.

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